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How to Create a Rosacea-Friendly Skincare Routine

For those with rosacea, creating a gentle, non-irritating skincare routine can make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels while also helping to improve the effectiveness of rosacea treatments. The following tips from our board-certified dermatologists will show you how to set up a rosacea-friendly skincare routine of your very own.  Gently […]

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Dr. Singh-Behl on Her Path to Providing World-Class Dermatology in Chicago

Dr. Divya Singh-Behl recalls sensing the desire to become a physician when she was only ten years old. She often heard stories while growing up from cousins who attended medical school. Their positive experiences fascinated and undoubtedly inspired young Divya to head in a similar direction.  Fast forward to the mid-90s. Soon-to-be-doctor Divya was enrolled […]

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