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Deerfield Dermatology is the preferred provider of dermatological care near Highland Park and its surrounding areas in Chicagoland. If you want to work with the best dermatologist near Highland Park, Deerfield Dermatology is the solution.

Our team of dermatologists near Highland Park, IL, right in Deerfield, are known for being highly skilled, completely professional, and experienced in dermatology. You can work with an expert dermatologist just 3 miles away from Highland Park for your medical, surgical, or cosmetic dermatology needs.

Deerfield Dermatology is top-rated for Highland Park dermatology because we offer individualized and compassionate care for every patient and client. Your board-certified dermatologist Highland Park (technically Deerfield, right next to Highland Park) will learn about your skin concerns, health goals, skin conditions, beauty goals, and more.


When you work with the best dermatologist near Highland Park IL, you get to take advantage of our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We will lend our expertise near Highland Park to provide you with the information, recommendations, and guidance to make the best decisions for your treatment, procedures, or services.

Whatever your skin, or hair, or nail concerns are, we want to hear them. A leading dermatologist just a few miles away from Highland Park will make your treatment or goals their #1 priority. We are passionate about providing the best, highly sought after Highland Park area dermatology solutions. Book an appointment with the best dermatologist near Highland Park to see for yourself!

Why Is Deerfield Dermatology Known For Having The Best Dermatologist Near Highland Park?

Deerfield Dermatology is proud to have some of the best and most sought-after dermatologists near Highland Park, IL. Each of our dermatologists Highland Park, IL prides themselves on providing top-notch care to each client and patient. Listed below are some the things that make us stand out as having the best dermatologists Highland Park, IL:

Medical expertise is of the utmost importance if you want to work with the best dermatologist near Highland Park. At Deerfield Dermatology, your dermatologist in Highland Park will be a world-class physician, which allows us to provide the best care and treatment for our patients, whatever their needs may be.

Similarly, board certification is also important to look for when searching for the best dermatologist near Highland Park. Deerfield Dermatology’s team is made up of board-certified physician’s assistants and dermatologists Highland Park, IL. You can trust us to expertly take care of your needs.

Advanced technology makes a huge impact when it comes to Highland Park dermatology. For medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatological procedures, you’ll want to ensure that your dermatologist in Highland Park is using the best technology. Deerfield Dermatology uses state-of-the-art, industry-leading tech.

If you are looking for a compassionate and caring dermatologist in Highland Park that will offer individualized recommendations for treatment, Deerfield Dermatology is the best provider. We take each patient and client’s unique needs, goals, and background into account to provide the best care.

Deerfield Dermatology also specializes in surgical dermatology. From simple removal of a harmless growth to complex MOHS surgery, our Highland Park dermatologists can take care of everything. You can receive this surgical and cancer treatment from the best dermatologist near Highland Park.

Within Highland Park with several expert and professional dermatologists to choose from, you can take advantage of a wide range of specialty areas. We have expertise in all areas of Highland Park dermatology, and we can recommend the best dermatologist near Highland Park based on your unique needs.

If you want to work with the best dermatologist near Highland Park to achieve your beauty goals, Deerfield Dermatology is the place to go. Our cosmetic and esthetician services are innovative, cutting-edge, and proven effective. One of our dermatologists Highland Park, IL can help you look and feel your best.

Deerfield Dermatology is proud to be a leading provider of dermatology care in all of Chicagoland and the North Shore, including the Highland Park / Deerfield areas. If you would like to take advantage of any of the things listed above, you should make an appointment to see one of our dermatologists.

What Types Of Dermatology Services Near Highland Park Are Offered?

Deerfield Dermatology is proud to be a leading provider of Highland Park dermatology with several areas of specialty. While our experienced dermatologists Highland Park, IL can help with practically any skin concern or condition, we do have three main categories for our offerings.

  1. Medical – Medical dermatology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, skin concerns, from rashes to skin cancer. A medical dermatologist in Highland Park from our team can provide personalized care and/or treatment for acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Hyperhidrosis, Melasma, nail fungus, warts, rashes, and moles, just to name a few.
  1. Surgical – Surgical dermatology includes removal of moles, skin tumors, and cancer. At Deerfield Dermatology, we offer MOHs surgery, which is a treatment for skin cancer. This procedure involves a dermatologist in Highland Park removing all of the cancerous tissue while maintaining the integrity of surrounding tissue.
  1. Cosmetic – Deerfield Dermatology is also top-rated for cosmetic dermatology. Our exceptional Highland Park dermatology offerings include esthetician services (facials, peels, waxing), skin rejuvenation services (fillers, injectables/injections, microneedling), laser rejuvenation services (brown spot removal, hair removal), and body sculpting.

Medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology are the three main types of dermatological care that we offer and specialize in, but our offerings in terms of services are significant. When you seek expertise from a highly sought after dermatologist at our office, we can help with practically anything related to skin, nails, hair, and more.

Whatever type of skin concerns you have, skin conditions you need treated, health goals you’d like to achieve, beauty services you’d like to receive, we can lend our expertise and guidance and ultimately provide solutions. If you are seeking any type of care or additional services/procedures not listed here, please do not hesitate to inquire.

About Deerfield Dermatology –
The Best Dermatologists Highland Park, IL

Whether your skin concerns are medical, cosmetic, or even surgical, our professional dermatologists Highland Park, IL would be happy to help. Our dedicated providers want to hear all about your dermatological concerns, needs, and how we can help.

Once we know more about your health background, we can provide individualized, custom-tailored recommendations in terms of treatments, procedures, or services to achieve a solution. Our team of dermatologists Highland Park, IL will answer any of your questions and provide all of the relevant information that you might need to make the best decision for your needs.

Deerfield Dermatology welcomes new patients and clients to work with our top-rated and experienced dermatologists. We stand out as the top dermatologists Highland Park, IL because we offer world-class, advanced, compassionate, and personalized care. If you’re searching for the “highest rated dermatologists near me,” Deerfield Dermatology is the answer.

To learn more about our offerings or get started by booking an appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Deerfield Dermatology would be happy to provide further information. For more information or to make an appointment, Contact Us Here today!