What Is MOHS Surgery Deerfield?

MOHS surgery is a procedure that is used to treat skin cancer that involves removing/cutting away thin layers of skin. The skin tissue from these layers is then closely examined for signs of cancer.

The examination and surgery process continues until there are no signs of cancer remaining. The procedure for MOHS surgery is specifically designed and intended to remove all skin cancer without damaging or hurting any of the healthy skin nearby the cancer.

MOHS surgery Deerfield is an effective treatment option for skin cancer because it allows the surgeon to ensure that the cancer is removed entirely, which ensures that the cancer is cured. This reduces the need for future MOHS surgery Deerfield or other treatments.

If you are looking for MOHS surgery Deerfield, Deerfield Dermatology is a leading provider. Deerfield Dermatology stands out as a MOHS surgery clinic Deerfield that also serves Glencoe, Northbrook, Highland Park, Lake Forest, and more in the Chicago North Shore.

Types Of Skin Cancers That Can Be Treated With MOHS Surgery Chicago North Shore

If you have skin cancer and are considering MOHS surgery Deerfield, there are multiple types of skin cancer that can be treated effectively. MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore can effectively treat various types of skin cancers, including but not limited to:

MOHS surgery in Highland Park is considered one of the most effective treatments for basal cell carcinomas. Basal cell carcinomas are also one of the most common types of skin cancer. An MOH surgery clinic Highland Park can treat a BCC with MOHS surgery Deerfield.

Warts can also be treated by a medical dermatology clinic Glencoe. With a few in-house treatment sessions, our medical dermatology professionals Glencoe can successfully treat and remove your warts.

Finally, MOHS surgery in Glencoe can also be used to treat rare types of skin cancer. If you have a less common type of skin cancer and are wondering if a MOHS surgery clinic Northbrook could treat it, please consult with a medical dermatology professional.

These are the main types of skin cancer that can be treated with MOHS surgery Deerfield, and there are others. Additionally, MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore is most useful for cancers that:

If your skin cancer has a high risk of returning/coming back, MOHS surgery in Northbrook could be the best option. This is because the removal process is extremely thorough.

If skin cancer is affecting an area where maximum healthy tissue is needed, using an MOHS surgery clinic Highland Park is a good option. This includes skin cancer in the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and genitals. MOHS surgery Deerfield will keep as much healthy tissue as possible.

If your skin cancer is large or growing quickly, we also recommend MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore. MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore can effectively treat skin cancers that are large or growing quickly.

Getting treated with MOHS surgery in Lake Forest is recommended if your cancer’s edges are hard to define. A MOHS surgery clinic Lake Forest will analyze the entire area.

These are some of the main types of cancer that can be effectively treated with MOHS surgery in Deerfield. If you have any of these types of skin cancer and are considering MOHS surgery, Deerfield Dermatology can help.

How It Works – Our MOHS Surgery Clinic Northbrook Process & What To Expect

Whether you have MOHS surgery in Highland Park already scheduled or if you’re just getting started, there are several ways that you can prepare. At Deerfield Dermatology, we want you to feel completely comfortable for treatment.

Because of this, we’ll explain what you can expect for the procedure and our process for MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore. On the day of your surgery, you’ll arrive at Deerfield Dermatology, and the procedure will be done in our exam room with a lab right next door.

We’ll begin the MOHS surgery in Glencoe by outlining the skin cancer with a skin marker to indicate where the operation will take place. Then, we’ll give the area local anesthesia as a numbing agent for the skin. This ensures that you won’t feel pain during the MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore.

Next, the surgeon will use a scalpel to begin removing the visible cancer. They will also remove a layer of thin tissue underneath and around the visible area. Then the surgeon will use a microscope to analyze every section of the tissue to determine where the cancer is.

The surgeon will continue the MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore until no cancer is detected. One of the main benefits of MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore is that you’ll get to know your results right away, no waiting.

5 Tips To Prepare For MOHS Surgery In Glencoe

If you have an MOHS surgery in Deerfield, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Highland Park, or Glencoe, Deerfield Dermatology has some helpful tips that you can use to prepare. Listed below are our 5 tips to prepare for an upcoming visit to a MOHS surgery clinic Deerfield:

  1. Stop Taking Certain Medicines – To prepare for MOHS surgery Deerfield, please be sure to tell us about any medications or supplements that you’re taking. For MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore, your surgeon may request that you stop taking blood thinning medications.
  1. Clear Your Schedule – You’ll also want to clear your schedule for your MOHS surgery in Northbrook. While most surgeries at our MOHS surgery clinic Deerfield take less than four hours, the procedure could take longer.
  1. Wear Comfortable Clothing – If you want to make sure that you are most comfortable for your MOHS surgery Deerfield, you should wear comfortable clothing. You can show up at the MOHS surgery clinic Glencoe in whatever clothes are most comfortable for you, and we recommend layers in case it’s cold.
  1. Bring Something To Pass The Time – We also recommend that you bring something to pass the time during any waiting periods during MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore. You can bring a book, magazine, or any other activity to entertain yourself at our MOHS surgery clinic Lake Forest.
  1. Eat Before The Surgery – For MOHS surgery Chicago North Shore at Deerfield Dermatology, it’s usually okay to eat before the procedure, unless you’re told differently by our team. You can enjoy your normal meals before your MOHS surgery Deerfield.

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