What Is MOHS Surgery? MOHS Surgery Gurnee IL

MOHS surgery is a micrographic surgical procedure that is a form of treatment for skin cancer. Compared to other skin cancer treatments, MOHS surgery has the highest cure rates and is highly effective at removing skin cancer from the body.

The procedure involves a MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL excising or cutting away thin layers of skin tissue in the cancerous area. They will examine each layer for signs of skin cancer and continue the process until no skin cancer is detected in the skin.

MOHS surgery Gurnee IL is a surgical procedure which should be performed from a dermatology office by a trained MOHS surgeon. If you are looking for MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee, Deerfield Dermatology can help.

Deerfield Dermatology is a top provider of MOHS surgery in Gurnee IL. Our office is home to Dr. Divya Singh-Behl, who is a fellowship trained, certified, and highly experienced MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL.

If you are looking for MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee, Deerfield Dermatology is an excellent choice. Deerfield Dermatology is a leading provider of MOHS surgery in the area with best-in-class dermatology care.

Who Can Perform MOHS Surgery? MOHS Surgeon Gurnee IL

MOHS surgery must be performed by a fellowship trained MOHS surgeon in Gurnee IL. A MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL has been specifically trained in performing this type of surgery. Deerfield Dermatology is proud to have Dr. Singh-Behl on our team, one of the best MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee.

Dr. Singh-Behl attended the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where she completed her MOHS fellowship, and was also on staff and Chief Resident. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation stands out as one of the most prestigious institutions for MOHS surgery fellowships and training.

While training, Dr. Singh-Behl learned from leaders and pioneers of MOHS surgery that successfully performed some of the most challenging surgical cases. She is an expert medical professional, and we’re proud to have one of the top MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee on our staff at Deerfield Dermatology.

How Can I Find MOHS Surgery Doctors In Gurnee? What To Look For

MOHS surgery cannot be performed by all dermatologists. It requires a separate fellowship, which is why it’s important to carefully select your provider if you need MOHS surgical skin cancer treatment. Here are some things that you should look for in qualified MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee:

A MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL must be fellowship trained in MOHS surgery. Dr. Singh-Behl, our MOHS surgery specialist Gurnee IL, was MOHS fellowship trained at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a highly prestigious institution. Our MOHS surgeon in Gurnee IL is an expert in this procedure with training from one of the best facilities.

Additionally, you’ll also want to look for MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee with years of experience performing the surgery. Our MOHS surgery specialist Gurnee IL has 20 years of experience in both fellowship training and performing this surgical procedure. You can trust our MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee.

A MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL should also be certified. Your MOHS surgery specialist Gurnee IL should be board certified in dermatology as well as certified in MOHS surgery. Our MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL is board certified from the American Board of Dermatology, and she is also certified by the American College of MOHS Surgery.

Lastly, it’s important to look for MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee that provide compassionate care. At Deerfield Dermatology, this is what we provide to every patient. Our MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee will listen to you, your needs, and your goals to provide recommendations for your treatment for MOHS surgery Gurnee IL.

As experts in MOHS surgery, these are some of the things that we recommend that you look for in a care provider and surgeon. All the above are offered at Deerfield Dermatology, which is why we have excellent ratings, reviews, and referrals.

Why Choose MOHS Surgery Gurnee IL For Skin Cancer Treatment? 5 Reasons

When it comes to skin cancer treatment, MOHS surgery Gurnee IL is one of the most popular treatment options because of the benefits that it provides. Here are some of the reasons why MOHS surgery from top doctors in Gurnee is a great option:

MOHS surgery is highly effective with the highest cure rate and lowest cancer recurrence rates for skin cancer treatment. Our MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL will carry out the procedure with careful precision for the most effective results.

When you work with MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee from Deerfield Dermatology, you can expect compassionate, personal, and exemplary care from start to finish. Dr. Singh-Behl, our MOHS surgeon Gurnee IL works closely with patients to provide exceptional care that is exactly what you need.

Despite being a surgical procedure, our MOHS surgery Gurnee IL is convenient. Deerfield Dermatology’s MOHS surgery doctors in Gurnee can perform the surgery from our dermatology office, so you don’t have to go to a hospital or operating room.

MOHS surgery Gurnee IL is also a top pick for skin cancer treatment because it preserves and maintains as much healthy skin tissue as possible compared to other forms of treatment. The MOHS surgery specialist Gurnee IL will remove the cancerous skin tissue and keep the non-cancerous skin tissue healthy with minimal damage or scarring.

You can also expect to stay comfortable with this treatment from our MOHS surgery specialist Gurnee IL. MOHS surgery Gurnee IL uses local anesthesia, which means that you will be comfortable and also recover quickly since you’re not put to sleep.

About Us – The Best MOHS Surgery Specialist Gurnee IL

Deerfield Dermatology is proud to be a top provider of MOHS micrographic surgery in Illinois. We offer unparalleled dermatology care, including medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Deerfield Dermatology is also home to Dr. Divya Singh-Behl, who is one of the best surgical dermatologists and MOHS surgeons in the area.

At Deerfield Dermatology, our medical experts are committed to our patient’s health needs. Listed below are some of our main values that we provide that make us stand out from other dermatology providers:


We are proud to offer best-in-class dermatology care. All of our doctors and dermatologists have been exceptionally trained at leading establishments. The average experience of our medical professionals is 25 years. We also have a combined medical practice experience of over one hundred years.

When it comes to dermatological care, especially for skin cancer treatment or surgery, receiving compassionate care with a personal touch is invaluable. Deerfield Dermatology is passionate about adding a personal touch and compassion for every one of our patients.

If you want to choose a provider with great referral rates, Deerfield Dermatology is the perfect choice because we have a ninety-seven percent referral rate. We are a go-to pick for both patients and doctors. We are also on time for ninety-nine percent of appointments, and we accept many insurances.

Deerfield Dermatology is a leader in MOHS surgery in Illinois, and we are excited to offer our care, services, and more in Gurnee. For more information about MOHS surgery or to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, please Contact Us Here today today !