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Mohs surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to treat skin cancer by removing thin layers of skin tissue. The removed tissue is examined for signs of cancer until the cancer has been removed from the affected area.

Mohs surgery is a popular form of skin cancer treatment in and around Wheeling because it provides the highest cure rate. The surgery also helps maintain and keep as much healthy skin tissue as possible in great condition without damage.

This procedure is a particular form of surgical dermatology that must be performed by a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon. Deerfield Dermatology has an experienced and top-rated Mohs surgeon near Wheeling IL on our staff, Dr. Divya Singh-Behl.

Dr. Divya Singh-Behl did her fellowship for Mohs surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, which is the most acclaimed institution for this surgery, and she now performs the surgery around Wheeling IL. As a 20 year seasoned professional in Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling, you can trust her expertise, experience, and personal touch for your treatment.

How Does It Work? Receiving Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery Wheeling

If you are considering or planning on receiving Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling, we will go over the process and procedure so that you know exactly what to expect. Listed below is a brief overview of what to expect when receiving Mohs skin cancer surgery Wheeling:

The first step to get started with our Mohs surgery by Wheeling is simple: set up an appointment to consult with us. Our office is located just a few miles from Wheeling IL, and you can consult with our top-rated Mohs surgeon. We’ll go over all of the details to ensure that we provide the best care possible.

Once you have your Mohs skin cancer surgery scheduled at our office near Wheeling, you can get started with surgery prep. We will discuss everything that you need to do to prepare during your appointment, such as avoiding certain medicines or vitamins.

The process for carrying out Mohs surgery can be different for everyone, depending on your unique skin cancer size, location, and more. Your Mohs surgeon Wheeling IL will make sure to cater your procedure based on your specific skin cancer and treatment needs. Here are some of the basic steps for the Mohs surgery Wheeling: The skin around the lesion will be confirmed and numbed.

  • The skin around the lesion will be confirmed and numbed.
  • A layer of skin tissue will be removed, which is located 1 mm beyond the cancerous skin.
  • A temporary dressing will be placed on the skin.
  • The excised skin tissue will be examined/analyzed by a the Mohs surgeon.
  • If skin cancer is present, the Mohs surgeon Wheeling IL will remove another layer of skin tissue.
  • If skin cancer is not present/once skin cancer no longer remains, the best closure option will be discussed.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions related to Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling during your appointment. We are always happy to educate our patients and give them the full picture so that they can feel comfortable and confident with their treatment plan and Mohs surgery close to Wheeling.

We have a surgery day checklist for our Mohs surgery Wheeling. Some checklist items include taking your usual medication, wearing comfortable clothing, taking preoperative medications, and arriving 15 minutes early. When it comes time for your Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling, we’ll take care of everything.

Once our Mohs surgeon nearby Wheeling IL has removed the cancerous skin tissue, we will discuss your postoperative repair. Listed below are some of the different options for post-op healing/repair after Mohs skin cancer surgery Wheeling, depending on your specific needs:

  • Secondary Intent Healing If the wound is small, allowing the wound to heal on its own is an option. This is called secondary intent healing and it could be recommended after your Mohs surgery Wheeling.
  • Primary Closure A primary closure healing involves closing the lesion side to side with some stitches.
  • Local Flap If the wound requires additional skin for repair, we can do so using a local flap which moves the adjacent skin to close the defect.
  • Graft – If the skin nearby the defect will not suffice, the surgeon may recommend a graft, where they removing skin from another area of the body to close the defect for your Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling.

This is a brief overview of how the process for receiving Mohs surgery at our center by Wheeling. Additionally, when you meet with Dr. Divya Singh-Behl, you will be able to discuss all of the details and get all of your questions answered at our office.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mohs Surgeon in Wheeling, IL

Selecting the right Mohs surgeon is paramount when it comes to Mohs surgery. If you're in need of Mohs skin cancer surgery in Wheeling, IL, here are some essential factors to keep in mind when selecting a surgeon.

Fellowship training, considerable experience, being board certified, and top-notch, quality care are all things you should consider when choosing a Mohs surgeon. Our Deerfield Dermatology board certified Mohs surgeon near Wheeling meets all of these criteria!

When To Choose Mohs Skin Cancer Treatment In Wheeling: Top Cases

The most common two types of skin cancer that we often recommend Mohs surgery for near Wheeling are basal cell carcinomas and squamos cell carcinomas. Additionally, Mohs skin cancer treatment can also be used for certain melanomas and other forms of skin cancer as well.

If you are wondering if Mohs skin cancer surgery Wheeling would be a good option for your unique skin cancer and/or background, our expert staff can help. You will always consult with our Mohs surgeon in the Wheeling IL area before the procedure takes place to answer your questions and get all of the information that you need.

In addition to the types of cancer that we have experience treating with Mohs skin cancer surgery Wheeling, there are some other factors that could make it more likely for your dermatologist to recommend Mohs surgery. Here are some of the top prompts for when Mohs surgery is likely to be recommended for skin cancer treatment in Wheeling:

If the area of skin cancer that you have is rather sizable, there’s a good chance that Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling will be recommended for treatment because it is so effective. Mohs surgery has the highest possibility of curing a tumor.

Mohs surgery is a highly preferred treatment option for skin cancer in sensitive areas. This includes areas like the face, eyelids, genitals, ears, nose, neck, head, feet (including toes), and hands (including fingers). Ours Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling does the best job at keeping the non-cancerous tissue healthy in sensitive areas.

Whether your skin cancer is recurring or if it’s in an area that is high-risk for recurrence, Mohs skin cancer treatment in Wheeling is the right choice because of its effectiveness. Compared to other treatment methods, Mohs surgery has the lowest recurrence rate at only 1%.

If your skin cancer is growly aggressively or appears to have infinite borders, this could also mean that Mohs surgery is a good idea for treatment. Our Mohs surgeon Wheeling IL will be able to determine if the cancer’s growth is aggressive.

If you have a weakened immune system for any reason, Mohs is a good treatment option because it is minimally invasive compared to some other forms of treatment. Our Mohs surgeon Wheeling IL will go over your medical history/background to determine this.

How To Get Started With Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery In Wheeling From Deerfield Dermatology

Dr. Singh-Behl of Deerfield Dermatology is a leader in Mohs surgery around Wheeling. Our office is located right near Wheeling and we can perform the Mohs skin cancer surgery directly in our office. To receive more information or schedule an appointment with our Mohs surgeon in the Wheeling IL area, please feel free to Contact Us! !