In the case of a patient referral,the following principles
are employed in every encounter:

  • The highest standards of patient care, surgical skills, and ethics.

  • Understanding that Deerfield Dermatology serves as an extension of your services to conduct MOHs procedures. Patients are treated with utmost consideration as I am seen as a reflection of you. Also, patients are always tactfully sent back to referring dermatologists.
  • Strong continuity with referring physician. Robust communication with referring physician through letters, calls, and off-hours access if required.

  • Quick access for referred patients. Although we are a high volume practice we aspire to get all MOHs patients in within one-two weeks.

Our MOHS practice has over 99% satisfaction rate through Demand Force surveys from patients and high satisfaction from referring doctors.


For any questions or scheduling needs, please contact us at 847-480-0004 or