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Dr Sing-Belle is the best


Lovely office. Very efficient. I value my time with Dr. Johnson.


Bonnie tended to both my husband and me. I found her quite cheerful and qualified. At the time, I felt that the yearly body exam was very thorough…only on retrospect, do I feel that it could have been even more thorough, including looking at my scalp, the pubic and genital area, and the area around the anus. No one wants to do that of course (ewww) but the private areas are very necessary.However, I would ask for Bonnie again. I have many keratoses that she used nitrogen on, but I wonder if that is sufficient to totally destroy the items…I hope so. Too soon to tell. But I came in in March, had the nitrogen treatment on some and they did not disappear. Thus one has to have another appointment, which ends up being expensive.


everything was great


Appointment was scheduled for 3pm. Arrived 5 minutes prior and left 18 minutes after the hour. Fast, easy and great people.


As always, excellent service. Staff and Doctor’s take great care to make sure your appointment goes well.


As always, staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Dalton is very professional and makes me feel at ease.


Thanks for all the appointment reminders .. Wish all doctors ran on time like Dr. Johnson who realizes that patients time is as important as hers . Very very thorough with body check.


Bonnie is such a great addition to DD. She makes a derm appt something I look forward to and not dread. She is knowledgeable and very friendly.


First time patient – really friendly office. Dr. Dalton was personable and took time to explain procedures and made me feel very comfortable. Office staff extremely pleasant!