What is Sclerotherapy?

An FDA-approved solution called Sotradecol® is injected into the vessel through a micro needle, to induce an inflammatory reaction which causes the vessel to collapse and gradually disappear.  Once the vessel is sealed, blood is forced into healthier veins.

What should I expect from Sclerotherapy?

After each Sclerotherapy session, the vessels may appear to be worse for several days to several weeks.  Two or more sessions are usually required to achieve optimal results.  Healing after each session can last up to six weeks.  You should also be aware that this procedure treats only those veins that are currently visible; it does not prevent veins from surfacing in the future.

What are the side effects?

Most treatments have minimal side effects and recovery time.  Patients may experience slight redness or bruising following treatment, this usually goes away after several days.  The treated vessels may leave a stain on the skin known as hemosiderin effect.  This may take time to fade.

Will my spider veins come back?

It is natural after the course of treatment for some “new” spider veins to appear.  Don’t be discouraged, for some individuals this is an inevitable part of the treatment process.  To minimize recurrences of spider veins we focus on treatment of the “feeder vessel” as well.  Some individuals may need occasional “touch up” treatments that vary after completion of their initial treatment session.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments to provide you with the results you want will be determined during your initial consolation session where a personal treatment plan will be developed.  Often spider veins do require several treatments.  The average person requires 2-3 sessions spaced approximately 6 weeks a part.