What Is Surgical Dermatology Deerfield?

Some skin services and treatments involve surgery, which is known as surgical dermatology. However, surgical dermatology is not like your average surgery or procedure.

Dermatological surgery is different from other types of invasive surgeries and procedures for various reasons. Compared to other surgeries and surgical procedures, surgical dermatology Deerfield is different because it involves:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures – One of the most important aspects to distinguish surgical dermatology Deerfield from other types of surgery is that it’s minimally invasive. This makes it much safer, lower risk, and easier to recover from.
  • In-Office Treatment – When it comes to surgery, you might be thinking that surgical dermatology Deerfield requires you to visit a hospital for the procedure. However, this is not the case. Besides serious treatments for skin cancer, you can undergo surgery in-office at our surgical dermatology clinic Deerfield.
  • Less Recovery Time – Because these procedures are minimally invasive, surgical dermatology Deerfield requires much less recovery time. After your surgical dermatologist Deerfield has completed the surgery, you can expect to be back to normal quickly.


These are some of the main differences between dermatological surgery and other common types of surgeries. When it comes down to it, surgical dermatology makes it easier, faster, and simpler to receive surgical treatment for a skin condition.

Deerfield Dermatology is a leading provider of surgical dermatology in the Chicago North Shore Area. We specialize in diagnosis, analysis, care, and treatment, including surgical treatment, for a wide range of skin conditions.

Can I Get Skin Cancer Surgery From A Surgical Dermatology Clinic Glencoe?

Surgeries that you can receive from a surgical dermatology clinic Glencoe are for the treatment of skin cancer. Listed below are some of the treatments for skin cancer that we provide at Deerfield Dermatology:

  • Surgical Removal
  • MOHS Surgery
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrodesiccation & Curettage

A surgical dermatologist Glencoe should specialize in various dermatology surgeries, but MOHS surgery one of the most common and effective skin cancer treatments. You can receive MOHS surgery from a surgical dermatologist Glencoe at Deerfield Dermatology.

Dr. Divya Singh-Behl is a highly trained and licensed MOHS surgeon at Deerfield Dermatology. Dr. Divya Singh-Behl offers MOHS surgery and reconstruction directly from our surgical dermatology clinic Glencoe.

How Does It Work? Receiving Treatment From A Surgical Dermatologist Lake Forest

Deerfield Dermatology is a leading surgical dermatology clinic Lake Forest with years of experience in treating patients with surgical dermatology. Our surgical dermatologist Lake Forest will work closely with you to understand your needs and determine the best course of action.

The process will start with an appointment/visit to our surgical dermatology clinic Lake Forest. The surgical dermatologist Lake Forest will then get to know you and what you’ll require for surgical dermatology Deerfield.

At Deerfield Dermatology, we take a special approach for our skin cancer patients that require surgical dermatology Deerfield. We know that you might be worried, concerned, or nervous about your condition or treatment, and our surgical dermatologist Lake Forest wants to make sure you feel as prepared, comfortable, and ready as possible.

Sometimes it can be comforting to receive surgery directly at a surgical dermatology clinic Lake Forest. It can be less intimidating and serious, but you’ll still receive expert medical help and treatment. Whether you’re undergoing MOHS surgery or cryotherapy, we want to make sure that you receive the compassion and personalized attention that you deserve.

Types Of Procedures That You Can Receive At A Surgical Dermatology Clinic Northbrook

When you work with surgical dermatology professionals Northbrook, you get to take advantage of surgical and medical expertise, right from our office. Our surgical dermatology professionals Deerfield are licensed for various dermatological surgeries.

All of Deerfield Dermatology’s services, procedures, and treatments are exceptional. We cater every patient’s treatment to their unique needs to provide the best results. Here are some examples of procedures that our surgical dermatology professionals Northbrook specialize in:

MOHS surgery is one of our services for surgical dermatology Deerfield. Our surgical dermatologist Northbrook, Dr. Divya Singh-Behl, is fellowship-trained and board certified in MOHS surgery. You can receive MOHS surgery directly in our surgical dermatology clinic Northbrook.

Deerfield Dermatology also specializes in cyst removal as part of our surgical dermatology Deerfield. For cyst removals, a surgical dermatologist Highland Park will apply local anesthesia to the area and safely remove the entire cyst.

Keloids are a type of raised scar that can require surgical dermatology professionals Lake Forest to remove. Our surgical dermatology clinic Northbrook can provide keloid treatment to surgically remove and repair the scar.

If you have any type of unwanted moles or skin growths, you can have them removed at a surgical dermatology clinic Glencoe. Mole removals are an extremely common and minimally invasive procedure that a surgical dermatologist Glencoe can do efficiently and expertly in-office.

If your ear lobe is torn or elongated, it can be repaired at a surgical dermatology clinic Lake Forest. This procedure involves a surgical dermatologist Highland Park repairing the tear or stretching as well as strengthening the ear lobe to prevent further damage.

Advantages Of Working With Surgical Dermatology Professionals Highland Park

Compared to working with the average surgeon for a skin-related surgery, working with surgical dermatology professionals Highland Park provides considerable advantages. When you use surgical dermatology professionals Deerfield, you can enjoy the following:

  • Lower Costs – Compared to getting surgery from a hospital or other medical facility, going to a surgical dermatology clinic Highland Park is much more cost-efficient. You can work with surgical dermatology professionals Highland Park without breaking the bank.
  • Personalized Care – Deerfield Dermatology is proud to offer personalized care for all of our treatments and care plans. Our surgical dermatology professionals Northbrook want to work closely with you to understand your skin goals and needs to provide the best recommendations based on your unique skin.
  • Specialized Expertise – Working with surgical dermatology professionals Glencoe also ensures that you receive specialized expertise in skin. At Deerfield Dermatology, our professionals are experts in surgery, dermatology, and treatment with years of experience.

What’s The Best Surgical Dermatology Clinic Deerfield? Deerfield Dermatology

If you’re looking for the best surgical dermatology clinic in the Chicago North Shore area, Deerfield Dermatology is the way to go. Deerfield Dermatology specializes in surgical dermatology Deerfield, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Glencoe, Northbrook, and more.

As the preferred surgical dermatology clinic Highland Park, we are proud to employ the best surgical dermatology professionals Highland Park as well. You can trust our surgical dermatology professionals Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glencoe, and Lake Forest to provide personalized care and treatment for your needs.