Convenient, courteous, professional. I had a mole on my leg that had grown over the course of a year, which had me concerned. This was my first time ever visiting a dermatologist. Upon visiting the office 15 min early and filling out the usual number of forms, my name was called exactly at my appointment time. I waited no longer than 5 minutes before the doctor (not an assistant) attended to me. He examined the mole, and looked me over in general for any other issues without interruption. Right on the spot, he removed the mole, cauterized it, and dressed it. The doctor was very friendly and thorough in explaining things. He stated that he knew by the looks of the mole that it was not cancerous. However, he still sent it out for a biopsy, which confirmed that. I was probably in and out of the office in 20 min. I highly recommend this dermatology group.